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This monthh I thought I'd show you guys that run 300 Ford inline 6's a little trick we've doing for sometime that will keep the torque but allow the engine to wind up and shut down a bunch quicker. We take off approximately 12 pounds off the crank by cutting the counter balances way down. You're probably saying, Ron, we don't have the equipment to do such a trick thing. Wrong!!! We cut ours down on a band saw and then use a grinder with a stone disc to take them down the rest of the way. Some guys have even used a chop saw. Once you have the counter balances knocked down all that is left is to have it balanced. To have a crank balanced in this area will run ya around $120.00. Now you tell me where you spend that kind of money on your car and get the bang for the buck this will do!!! If are thinking of doing this to your crank give Jim a call at J&M Repair and Welding at 712-874-3288 and he'll give you the complete scoop. Look at the photo above, the 2 cranks are in the same positions. On the left is a stock crank while the cut down one is on the right. You can really see the difference in the top 2 throws. Also notice the overall profile of one to the other. Until you've run both you can't even believe the difference!!!!





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